Major works of art and items of historical significance are great educational tools. Cream Gallery provides classes and curriculum development to assist and train collectors, educators, and students. We set up non-profit partnerships, develop informational resources, and create written materials. In addition, we help you share your selected objects in the classroom or educational settings.


Cream Gallery offers various classes for collectors, clients, teachers and art enthusiasts utilizing primary source collection materials. Courses teach participants how to integrate art and historical objects into classroom environments and share strategies to engage students in the study of history. Cream Gallery staff is able to teach and incorporate historical inquiry techniques, create research opportunities, and provide hands-on learning experiences. Our staff can present authentic artifacts, provide art exhibition and curriculum experiences and learning guides, observe instruction, and answer any questions.

Curriculum Development

Cream Gallery encourages the creative instructional use of art in all types of classroom settings and is constantly seeking new ideas and methods to support multi-sensory learning experiences. Toward these ends, Cream Gallery will support curriculum development on an individual basis, by providing access to collection materials, contextual information, leads for further research, customized support for lesson implementation, and a lesson development template. We can provide curatorial assistance in the selection of thematically based materials, create accompanying writing assignments, arts activities and oral presentations. Completed lesson plans as well as sample project work may be shared with other interested parties. Staff is available to work with you at your home, office or meeting place.

Non-profit Partnerships

We have been partnering with a number of experts and institutions, including universities, museums and archives, to develop meaningful lessons, field trip opportunities and outreach programs. Lessons and field trips provide multi-sensory, standards-based activities based on the rich and diverse materials of collections. They draw on the expertise of collaborating, regional specialists and offer integrated, engaging experiences available online, in the classroom and as tours. Cream Gallery staff is available to suggest unique field trip destinations, coordinate the logistics, and act as art guides.
Cream Gallery staff can develop meaningful outreach programs for K-12 students, university undergraduates, adult learners or professional organizations. We develop, design and fabricate hands-on traveling exhibits and can arrange for university undergraduates to serve as exhibit docents.

Informational Resources

How do I convert my artwork into information that can be shared and used? Cream Gallery staff can help you convert paper collection files into an online digital library. Whether you are working from a card catalog, spreadsheet or handwritten notes, we can help you find the best way to convert your information to an accessible, retrievable and eye-pleasing format. We identify materials of critical value for which audiences and stakeholders would benefit and can pinpoint the most efficient technologies and processes available, given the uniqueness and fragility of many of the holdings.

Share Information About Your Collection

Do you have objects of art or historical significance that are not being seen or used? We can help you put these items to good use. We can be the liaison with the appropriate groups and resources with which to share this information. By providing access to descriptions and/or images of your artwork, you can become part of a collaborative effort to identify, map, interpret and commemorate art and history while adding to its value and use within the greater community. You can help fill in the gaps of the existing body of knowledge, enhance the current understanding of an artist or style, and help create a comprehensive art inventory which is invaluable to researchers, curators and scholars.

Written Materials

Are you putting together a collection brochure, project proposals, grants, website or other marketing materials? Cream Gallery staff can write and edit catalog text, website copy, didactic labels and panels or any other art-related printed or digital text.