A full hour Exhibition Consultation offers comprehensive guidance for navigating through the formal exhibition design and planning process.  

A half hour Exhibition Consultation is an opportunity to brainstorm, gain additional insight, examine current trends and issues, and discuss solutions to complex problems. 

A Career Consultation assists with goal-planning, analysis of composition and presentation, and management of the business of art. 

All sessions provide an opportunity to ask as many questions as time permits. 

Consultations are conducted by Skype or phone: 

    1. For Skype, please add julietbello to your contact list. 

    2. By phone, please call: +1-714-308-3972 (USA)

To schedule an appointment, please email: juliet@creamgallery.com

Exhibition Consultation

In the Exhibition Consultation, you have the opportunity to:

Ask any questions about your exhibition and the formal design and planning process including: concept development, venue and work selection, budgets, contracts and loan agreements, layout and floor plan design, installation planning, organizational documentation, signage, promotional materials, solutions to complex problems, and growth and promotion ideas;

Receive clarity on an idea or vision and explore the tools for a cohesive presentation; 

Obtain professional guidance for optimizing artwork selection, designing a layout that best highlights each piece of work, planning organized installations, creating and interpreting administrative documentation, developing installation schedules and checklists for large and traveling shows, and designing eye-catching promotional materials that effectively convey your message. 

Large and complicated exhibitions normally require additional planning time.  A one-hour session is recommended for an in-depth discussion.  A half-hour session allows time for a few questions.                              



One hour 


Career Consultation

A Career Consultation is designed to identify long and short term goals, analyze a body of work for potential gaps in composition, organize the presentation of work for maximum impact, and strategize the business of art to allow for greater focus on creation.  

In the Career Consultation, you may ask any questions about your career and goals, including how to approach galleries and museums, marketing, online presence, or even review of contracts and loan agreements.  

Our goal is to provide you with the tools necessary to present yourself professionally and strategically so that you continue to achieve your goals.



One hour